Here’s why you should use Crockers…

  • Competitive Management Fee
  • Early Access to the Apartments 1 Month Prior to Settling  | To ensure that you have little downtime with no tenant
  • One of the Largest Tenant Databases in New Zealand  | We have tenants enquiring now to move into SugarTree
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Office Located Onsite  | Office will be open 7 days a week from morning till late evening, until every apartment is rented to ensure that properties are rented as quickly as possible
  • We Know the Building  | Largest Rental Manager in Stage One
  • We Have the Knowledge and Experience  | For over 40 years we’ve been managing rental properties
  • Largest Property Management Company in Auckland  All in one office
  • We Are the Body Corporate Manager  | Direct relationship between the Property and Account Managers for easier communication and processes
  • Building Manager  | The building manager is working out of the Crockers office ensuring smooth management of your apartment
  • We’ve Invested in the Complex Ourselves  | We’re an owner, just like you!
  • Property Managers Available 24/7 for Emergencies
  • Bi-Lingual Communication  | Multi cultural staff onsite

Shanon Aitken 

Team Leader – New Business

DDI 09 984 8047 | M 022 201 4212


Leon Ma 

Business Development Manager

DDI 09 968 3330 | M 021 575 419